Kask Mojito Review Time

Kask Mojito

The Kask Mojito first came to my attention a year or so back when the lovely lads from Sky Pro cycling wore them up some big hills in France on their pedal cycles. (Not that they were actually wearing Kask Mojitos, rather something more exotic from Kask’s range) Now I like to think I am not influenced by what the pro peleton are wearing but these helmets struck a cord, and the reason for this is because they have a very low profile. Why is this important do you ask? The answer is simple. I do not have a big head so helmets with a large profile make me look like a mushroom. Some further investigation led me the the Kask Mojito for a number of reasons. The first is cost. Kask helmets are not cheep. How much do you pay to protect your head is a question that must be answered, after the question “do helmets work?” If you believe helmets work and you value your head in the £120 price bracket then the Kask Mojito is a helmet to look at.

Kask Mojito Up n Down Hinge

Up N Down

The second thing that appealed to me was the the band that tightens around the back of your head which is technically called the Up N Down hinge. The advantage of said hinge is that you can rotate it down so it fully sits under the the base of your skull which makes for a very secure and snug fit. The helmet is also very light, comes equipped with a fully replaceable set of pads and a leatherette chin strap.


The helmet has a very road focussed styling so won’t be replacing the one I use for MTB but hey, my helment was the only interchangeable piece of kit I had before and required the removal of a peak to conform the the velomanti rules.


I have been riding with the helmet for 4 weeks now. It is early days but my opinion is that this is a light, slimline and well designed helmet that I would recommend to anyone with a similar shaped head. An easy 9/10

What’s in the stand: My wifes Trek Skye SL, awaiting a new powerlink


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