Servicing Quando Hubs

As part of my Peugeot Retro rebuild, one of my tasks is to sort out the bearings in the donor wheels. The wheels are made up for rigida rims on quanda hubs. Now if you google quanda hubs you will find that they have a bit of a reputation. Now as a disclaimer this is not my quote but the most telling quote I found was that Quando hubs have cup surfaces made of cheese topped of with square bearings. Now that mix is not conducive to long life and as it happens these wheels have seen very few miles and are already a bit chunky in the bearing department. So time for a quick service.

The first problem I faced was that these hubs are freewheel hubs. This stuffed my plan to use a standard Shimano cassette removal tool and caused me to invest in one of these which looks very similar to a cassette tool that does not fit. Anyway you are not reading this to listen to my lack of tool explanation so on with the service.

First job after the freewheel has been removed is to remove the large nut on the drive side. Do not undo anything the non drive side as we will use this to ensure correct spacing later

Now when you have removed the nut and the spacer and cone you expose the bearings. Now I am no expert but the grease I was expecting looked a little like my two year olds ear wax (Ok a bit darker I will admit). so time to change it.
Removing the axel reveals both sets of bearings. Remove the bearings and either clean them or discard them. I chose to discard them. As this is a rear hub the bearings are 1/4″ in size and you need 9 per side (18 in total) I decided some good quality 1/4″ bearings were in order which in my opinion was £3 well spent.
The next job is to degrease the cups and cones.
I used a citrus degreaser and made sure all the surfaces were nice and dry.
I them applied a layer of fresh grease to the non drive side and installed 9 bearings followed by more grease and then reinserted the axle.
Flip the wheel over ensuring the axle remains in place. Add grease, and 9 bearings followed by more grease and finally the cone.
Now get your cone spanner out and tighen the cone so that the bearing spins freely but with no play
Then reinstall the spacer and nut.
Tighten but holding the cone in place with the cone spanner whilst tightening the nut.
Check the wheel still spins freely but with no play.
Screw the freewheel back on and use the freewheel tool to nip it up. The freewheel will tighten with pedaling.
Now you can move on to the front wheel. The same process can be followed omitting the freewheel removal and replacing the bearings size with 3/16″
What’s in the bike stand: Well the Peugeot of course. Off to fix a chain and sort those gears out!


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3 thoughts on “Servicing Quando Hubs

  • 5 September, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    BIG thanks for the info on rebuilding said hubs! helped a LOT 🙂

  • 6 January, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    Thank you very much. I just buy a new bike with quando hubs and thinking to clean them and reassemble because dont spin smoothly.

  • 18 December, 2017 at 5:20 am

    I find myself in a predicament with these hubs on my MTB.
    The cones have become pitted so need replacement but where can I source them???


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