Specialized Enduro Gloves Review

I have owned my of Specialized Enduro gloves for 2 years now and thought it was about time I wrote a review as I have had so much used out of them. Originally purchased for £29.99 these are mid range gloves. They are full fingered with a leather palm, a thorny bramble proof top section with clever little slits where your hands bend to allow for flexibility as well as super grippy white writing on the end of the breaking fingers.
Specialized Enduro Gloves

To start off the gloves felt a little rough across the knuckles but after a few rides things soften up. The same is true with the palm material, it is not thick so once worn in it becomes lovely and supple. The sticky surfaces on the breaking fingers is a clever idea, it gives you a sense of confidence when riding in the wet, however this does peel off eventually. The good news is that when it does you lose very little from the glove in terms of control. They went in the washing machine when needed without too many ill effects and proved to be surprisingly warm in winter. The velcro wrist strap is secure and comfortable with a rubber edge to reduce rubbing with the back of your hand.

All in all a well-rounded and well constructed glove which will see a fair few seasons of riding. 4/5 would be my score with the sticky surface degradation being the only negative.  I lost my pair a week ago and liked them so much I have just bought the same gloves as a replacement!

If you have small hands you can get them at a bargain price of £7.99 at Evan’s Cycles at the moment!

Whats in the Stand: The pub hack bike – I think the forks are reaching the end of their life!


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