Ass Savers – Smart Ass – A Clever Little Mudguard

This weekend saw one of the longest pro races in the world, the Milan San Remo take place in some of the worst conditions it had ever seen. The race was stopped at the second mountain pass due to snow and the riders were bussed to Genoa to complete the race. It was clear to everyone on the outside that these riders had been through a tough day and had employed a number of techniques to keep dry. On the day pictures circulated on twitter of one riders bike that had a rear mudguard which is almost unheard of. When I saw the picture it reminded my of a clever device I had spotted a little while ago. That device was called a Smart Ass by a company called Ass Savers. I had promised myself I would buy myself one and blog about it. I made the purchase on the Sunday and by Tuesday it has arrived. So my first job was to take the dog out on a ride to see if it worked. It is safe to say the British weather has given us some mud so this should be a good test.

The first thing to note is the devices eco credentials. The Ass Saver is made from plastic that is a by-product of the printing industry it turned up in an A4 envolope (no box) and is recyclable too.

A video provides the instructions for fitting which took all of 3 minutes and then I was away

I found mine easy to fit, the Mk2 version comes with the ability to trim the noes to get a good fit and this seams like the key to it’s ability to stay on.

So three rides later, both on the road and mtb and I have not lost it. On the MTB the Ass Saver collected a lot of mud from general trail riding, it is safe to say that if you nail the puddles it is only going to be partially effective. On the road however it adequately protects you from the “rooster tail” of water from the back wheel. It does little to protect the rider behind though but hey, it is an Ass Saver not Mate Saver.

In summary the Ass Saver sells for £5.99 in the UK this is an essential bit of kit for your pack or back pocket and makes riding in less than ideal conditions a lot nicer.

Whats in the stand: An old Saracen hack bike, Time to remove my first freewheel!

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