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Specialized RoubaixThis is the first time I have addressed proper cutting edge tech on my blog. There was something about the Bianchi Infinito CV that compelled me to write this post. In the build up to Paris Roubaix there is always a news story about damping technology that will help the riders over the cobbles that form the hell of the north that is Paris Roubaix. I remember riding from London to Paris myself with a guy riding a Specialized Roubaix (right) with its funny little elastomer bit behind the seat tube. No we did not find any cobbles and no it did not seam to give him an unassailable advantage

The thing that caught my eye with the Bianchi Infinito CV was the video. If you believe the hype then the Bianchi Infinito CV will revolutionise the sort of riding we saw on Sunday. Saying that Juan Antonio Flecha rode one and did not feature at the end of the race!

But what about if you apply such technology to Joe public?

gtMy background is Mountain Biking. I learnt how to ride off road on a GT Pantera (Left). What does this have to do with the Bianchi Infinito CV I hear you ask? Well the GT Pantera did not have suspension and on top of that it was Aluminium, which made for a stiff and light frame but was not forgiving.

If you made a mistake you learnt from it and in turn that made you a better rider. (Or an average one in my case.) Anyway back to my point. In the UK there is an upsurge in cycling. Born from the Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins effect we are seeing many more top end bikes out on a Sunday ride. (The Pinerello effect I like to call it) So what! I hear you say! But my concern is not born from jealousy but I am concerned that all this technology in effect reduces the need to learn the bike handing skills you would from a good old fashioned bone shaker. You need to feel the bike, develop the muscle memory learnt from time on the road or in the forest, and then if you wish apply it to the latest technology in order to make the most of the skill and fitness you possess then so be it.

So Bianchi, I admire the cleverness of your design but hope it is not the beginning of the slippery slope that mountain biking discovered a while ago. Either way if someone offered mt a Bianchi Infinito CV I would take it!

What’s in the Stand: The Yeti 575, proving that I am nothing more than a hypocrite!

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