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I like my coffee! In particular I like my espresso! My family know the first thing that needs to be done when arriving in Italy is to find me an espresso. I love the fact that a good espresso or simply “cafe” should cost no more than a single euro. If you are paying more it is for the view, look around you will find other tourists paying over the odds too. In the UK I fear it is different, our high streets are full of coffee chains run by multinational corporations who is some cases use their global networks to avoid UK taxes whilst delivering low quality, over priced coffee to the masses. Things are changing though, people are looking to independent cafes to get their coffee fix and this is a good thing. Sadly there are to few of these, so what do you do to get a good quality coffee in the meantime? This is where the home coffee machine comes in, but that is only half the story. You also need a bit of practice, good quality beans and a burr grinder.

There are two types of grinder, the burr and blade grinder. Blade grinders are cheeper but do not give a consistent grind. This causes the water to flow through the puck at different rates giving inconsistent results. A burr grinder however gives a more consistent grind and makes for a better espresso.

Hario Hand Burr GrinderThe problem is that burr grinders are expensive and they take up a lot of room, both problems when I was looking at buying one. Then one day I was sitting in Look Mum No Hands in London and spotted this for sale. I introduce to you the Hario Mini Grinder. This burr grinder comes with fully adjustable ceramic conical burrs to allow you to adjust the fineness of the grind, a well proportioned handle that gives you enough leverage to grind the beans easily and a handy collector to capture the good stuff. The price I hear you ask? £28 is the answer which I believe is good value. I have been using mine for a year now and apart from the occasional tweak of the burr adjuster it is still grinding coffee as well as day one.

So if you are baulking at the cost of an electric burr grinder, don’t have the room or simply want to take good freshly ground coffee with you where ever you go then I can not find a better than this.

Buy it here and support a independent cycling cafe!

Want to find more independent coffee houses in london? Look Mum No Hands also sell this wonderful book

What’s in the stand: My wife’s Trek Skye SL. You would not believe the list of problems it left the LBS with!

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