Condor Acciaio – A year on!

I realised last week that it was my Condor Acciaio’s first birthday and it reminded me that I would write a one year on post when I bought the bike. So here we are, a post about owning a Condor Acciaio for a year.

When I bought the bike my criteria was a bike for life. I am a fully paid up mountain biker and I am privileged enough to own the bike of my mountain biking dreams. The problem was I could not enter the same arms race with a road bike. I wanted to buy a bike and look back 10 years later and say “I still love that bike”. I did not want new paint jobs, press fit bottom brackets, tapered head tubes. To be fair I am not a good enough rider to notice the difference. So I went to the Cycle show in 2011 fell in love with a beautiful steel framed bike, travelled to London and bought one!

So how am I getting on? Well I bought the bike to ride from London to Paris in aid of the Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice in Surrey. All my training was done on this bike and then I set of for 4 days averaging 80 miles a day with a group of like minded people and we made it. The fantastic thing about steel frames are that they are comfortable to ride and much more compliant than Aluminium. The carbon forks help too and I plumped for a Carbon seat post. I can’t really say if it helped or not but it does look cool. The Condor Acciaio is a great long distance bike, When I had my bike measurement at Condor we agreed on a relaxed riding position so plenty of head tube spacers were added. This was perfect for the long distances. When I got home from Paris I arranged for Condor to remove 2 5mm spacers to give me something a little more sporty for everyday riding and this is working really well.

I chose a mix of Campagnolo Veloce and Centaur for my groupset and I am really pleased. The shifting  is still very nice and the components scrub up really well.

The bit I was really impressed with is Condor’s attention to detail. From all the Campagnolo decals on the gear and brake outers being central, to the cable lengths, to the quality chains and bottom brackets they use. I have had 1500 miles out of the original chain and it still has lest than 0.75 stretch.  I wonder if you would get that out of a mass produced bike?

So to summarise, If you want a British bike made from steel fitted to you, spec’d by you, and built for you then look no further than the Condor Acciaio.

What’s in the stand: The Condor Acciaio – a little spit and polish before winter riding!

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