Condor Cycling Jerseys – This is a good one!

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So I turn up at the weekly post work ride this week and colleague new to the company turns up. Nothing new there, until I cast my eyes at his trusty steed and noticed it was a Condor. No this is not particularly unusual as Condor are a mere 30 miles away from where I live but when I do end up riding with a fellow Condor owner the conversation will at some point always turn to the bikes in question. Comments like – “How do you get on with steel?” “Did you get yours fitted too?” – “Did you see Bradley Wiggin’s junior track bike when you visited?” and so on. Condor owners have a bond that you just don’t get when you ride a Specialized Tarmac. (Nothing wrong with the tarmac ed.)

So why this rambling beginning to the first post I have written for a while. Well it’s simple, imagine if we could identify ourselves from a greater distance, what if it was more than the distinctive head badge to go on, what if Condor had recently released a new Jersey / Bib combination?

Condor Jersey

New Condor Jersey

Well this is where my luck is in. A couple of months ago I attempted to buy said combo, I am sure I saw Condor jerseys? and then it happened. A quick flick through their website whilst dreaming about single speeds and there it was the Jersey of my dreams. It is a classic looking jersey based on their archives and sporting the ‘Condor since 1948’ theme the new jersey in blue and white is certainly going to stand the test of time and at £45 it is good value too. Add some bib shorts for £60 and you are going to stand out as a beacon to all Condor riders guaranteeing a cheery hello or “nice bike” comment each time you encounter what I call ‘people with bike taste’


So I am not to sure what is stopping you… Click on the link below and take a look for your self. I shall be buying one next time I am in town!

Condor Cycling Jersey

Whats in the stand: My wifes Trek Skye SL. Apparently they do not grease the bearings much at manufacture



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  • 2 October, 2014 at 11:09 am

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