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One of the conundrums I face as a cyclist is getting the balance between supporting my local bike shop and the affordability of replacement parts. I do my best to buy from an LBS but sometimes the draw of the discount is too great and I buy on-line. The problem with on-line buying is that you have to wait. Maybe only a day, but I am impatient by nature. So what if I need a part quickly but RRP. makes the purchase expensive? This is where Evans Cycles comes in.

Evans Cycles are a chain of stores spread particularly across the South East of England but with stores as far as Edinburgh. They fit the gap between the internet retailers and your LBS, often carrying stock your LBS could not afford to keep on the off chance you might walk in. But Evans Cycles have a Unique Selling Point and that is that they price match. In essence Evans Cycles will match the price you can get for the same component even if it is on-line. The only conditions are that it is an identical component and that the company you are price matching has the item in stock. This is done by adding the item to your basket and printing a screenshot.

I have had recent success with this via Evans Cycles when I wanted a replacement pair of Shimano M530 SPDs. The RRP was £39.99, the Evans Cycles deal was £35 but Chain Reaction wanted £23. A quick price match and I walked out of the store with the pedals I wanted for £23 and more importantly made it in time for the night ride I would have missed otherwise.

What’s in the Stand: The Yeti having it’s new pedals fitted


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