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With Christmas first approaching it is time to get those presents sorted. This year I have decided to only by presents from independent retailers. I have decided to say no to the companies who maximise the tax potential of being a multi national organisation! So fresh back from our local butcher having ordered our Turkey, I decided a little internet based Christmas present research was required. I am a coffee lover and cyclist and here is my short list of cycling related coffee presents to buy your loved ones (or yourself!)

Coffee and Cols 4 piece set £32

Coffee and colsLove the Tour du France? Love Coffee? Then you simply need to have an espresso set from Coffee and Cols.

No matter whether you are feeling fast, consistent, a mountain goat or a world champ when you wake up in the morning Coffee and Cols have the espresso cup for you. Prefer mountain biking, no problem, prefer tandems? not sure this is the right blog for you but no problem. Swear by fixies? Ok now we have gone to far. My favourite is the world champ mug, Timeless!

Have a look at their site for the widest choice I have seen so far!

Coffee and Cols

V-Sprint Velodrome shaped espresso cup £16.50

V Sprint EspressoNow if any company were to produce an velodrome shaped espresso cup it is V-Sprint (If you don’t know why google it!) and if you are going to make a velodrome shaped espresso cup it better look amazing.

Luckily the guys at V-Sprint have done just that. This espresso cup comes from guys and gals with some serious cycling heritage, so make sure you add these to your collection as a point of principle! This is one fast espresso cup!



il soigneurIl Soigneur Espresso Cup £12.00

Nothing makes an espresso taste so good then when your drinking it out of a proper thick walled espresso cup and Il Soigneur have delivered!

They’re better known for their fantastic musette collection but dig deeper in their online shop and you will find these little gems adorned with the motif “for Cycling and Life” alongside other curiosities such as embrocation, woven badges and t-shirts


Look Mum No Hands Espresso Cup

LMNH World Champ Espresso Cups £15 single /£25 pair

Look Mum No Hands have hosted the likes of Gary Fisher and Graeme Obree on the Cycle Show so are no strangers to quality!

These world champion band espresso cups came to my attention after the Road Race World championship in 2011

Made in Italy, these are tough, thick walled espresso cups which are built to last.


The Hand Made Cyclist Mug Set

The Hand Made Cyclist Retro Cycling Quote Mugs £30 for 4 / £10 each

Prefer a longer cup of coffee try a set of four mugs featuring a great sound bite and a design based on a classic jersey worn by past riders.

Quotes include Fausto Coppi, Hennie Kuiper, Bernard Hinault and Greg Lemond

These mug are available individually or as a set of four


Castelli Espresso CupsCastelli Cafe Espresso cup twin Set £35

This entry is not truely from an independent retailer but given that Castelli Cafe support the UK cycling industry by sourcing their musettes from a local producer (il Soigneur again) they are most worthy of a mention.

Adding these to the cups above is going to give you a who’s who of espresso cups when your mates come round for their pre ride medication. They are not the cheapest cups on my list but when were Castelli ever cheap?


Beautiful Ride
Beautiful Ride Espresso Cups

The Beautiful ride cups came to my attention a few weeks ago so it seamed fitting to add them to the list.

With 5 different styles (British Winner being my favourite and shown here) and the ability to buy them in sets makes this the most comprehensive choice in my roundup makes for a compelling reason for you to check them out.

Don’t forget to read my post in finding independent coffee houses in London > here


What’s in the stand: Nothing it is too cold in the garage. Just sitting at home drinking coffee

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