Lance Armstrong – How It Affected My Blogging

On the 10th of October USADA released its reasoned decision to ban Lance Armstrong for life and remove his 7 Tour De France victories. I was not surprised by the decision, most people who follow pro cycling knew it was coming. However I felt compelled to read the report. I was interested in understanding how the evidence could be so compelling against Lance Armstrong based purely on testimony alone? The content was damning indeed and it led me to read more and more on the subject.

I became a little obsessed in fact. I started to become more interested in the other teams, did they dope or not? Is Sky clean? Almost as soon as my interest started to die down the UCI delivered their verdict and the debate opened again.

Lance Armstrong was a massive part of cycling, even during his retirement he was on the periphery of my cycling interest as he was  racing XTerra. He was raising the profile of off-road triathlon, something I have experimented with myself.

Then I realised my interest in cycling had temporarily changed. I had become interested in the celebrity and lost touch with what has always interested me most. The grass roots of cycling, the feeling under your wheels, the satisfaction of maintaining your own machine, the clarity of mind that a good ride gives.

I was spending too much time interested in other people’s business. The small minority who give cycling a bad name and that was taking my focus away from the purpose of this blog.

So I hereby declare to push the issues of pro cycling and Lance Armstrong to the back of my mind by getting out on my bike and start focusing on the more important aspects of cycling. This will start with a full service of the Yeti, some new tyres and a desire to find mud!

Goodbye Lance Armstrong


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