London to Paris Bike Ride

So for the reason for buying a road bike? After 17 years of mountain biking I joined the dark side but why? The answer is simple.. I needed a challenge. I ran the London Marathon on 2006 3 months before my first boy was born. We raised over £2000 for Naomi House Children’s Hospice in Winchester and I set myself a time. Only under 4 hours would do. I came in with 1 min 2 secs to spare in a marathon debut, retirement and testimonial race never to be repeated again. I can count using only fingers the times I have run again, choosing to get back into cycling again. However I do believe that once you have thrown yourself into a big challenge and come out the other side it leaves a bit of you that will always crave more. So this year I decided to sign up to cycle London to Paris.

The cause is another childrens hospice. This time Shooting Star Chase which provide hospice facilities in the South East of England. The challenge is to raise £2000 again.

So the Condor Acciaio will travel from Grenwich in London to Calais (via dover and a ferry). Then on to Arras, Compiegne and finally Paris

More to come soon…

What’s in the Stand: The Acciaio is having a spit and polish after a few wet rides.


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