Motorcycle Crash Giro d’Italia

Imagine a world where you ride a motorcycle around Italy on closed roads for three weeks. Taking in some of the most beautiful sites, climbing and descending some of the greatest mountains. You will be paid for it and will have access to one of the greatest cycling events in the world. Occasionally you need to take a photographer or cameraman on your pillion, maybe a official with a red flag to indicate danger ahead or a board indicating the time gap an escaping party has! Sounds perfect to me.

What about if you are being chased by a pack of highly trained athletes, perfectly capable of cornering at speeds far greater than yours. They can descent at speeds you would not dare ride your motorbike and they hunt in packs! On top of this you do this in rain or shine. Sleet, snow, and hail are all perfectly acceptable mediums to herd your eager racers through. The roads are slippery after the rain that rarely falls in the area and your bike handling skills will be on full view to an international audience should you make a mistake! A mistake that could injure you as well as some very expensive athletes and affect races riders have been training to win for years

Welcome to the world of a Giro d’Italia motorcyclist. It is not as easy as it seams and when it goes wrong, boy does it go wrong.


Here is a video of what happens when a motorcycle crashes at the Giro



 What’s in the stand: The condor Acciaio, a new KMC X10L chain. Got 2000 miles out of the last one!

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