Patisserie Cyclisme – What a great Idea

You can tell when something is going to be big within the cycling community when it becomes part of more than one over the handlebars conversation. You know when it is going to be really big when it transcends cycling disciplines. If you can get roadies and MTBers to agree you have won the first battle. No better example of this is Strava. “Have you heard about Strava?” was the first question. The next was “Sorry Strava segment!” as my riding partner disappeared over the top of a hill hunting a KOM, and soon enough Strava became an integral part of cycling. Based on this Patisserie Cyclisme has a big future ahead.

A few weeks ago I was riding along with a few mates, yoyo-ing off the front to pick up an admirable 34th place on a climb that even Mark Cavendish would make without a blip in his heart rate, and a mate said have you heard of Patisserie Cyclisme? “Nope I replied”, “Can you eat it?” And so the conversation went on. Not long afterwards I was out with a group on the MTB and heard the same conversation. Slowing to join in I added “You know you can get a jersey now!” and so the conversations go on.

As a newbie road cyclist I used to haul my heavy full suspension bike passed these cafés idly spotting “Roadies in silly hats” wondering what this café culture was about. The thing was that I was on a 20 mile loop, couple of gels in my bag somewhere, and the promise of a beer at the end. When I started road cycling I was training for London to Paris, now I needed to do serious distances and when on a 60 mile loop you need to stop for refreshments don’t you! Looking back Patisserie Cyclisme was what I needed!

Visiting Patisserie Cyclisme’s website you will find a clean sleek design, the featured café page, which is the (Col Du Tourmalet at the moment!) At present there are over 215 reviews on the site giving you location and cost information as well as whether you will find a bike stand or Wi-Fi. It is clear with the international cafés turning up people are taking it seriously.

Patisserie Cyclisme has a very clever logo which translates into some very nice gear. The jerseys look very smart and they have been added to the birthday wish list and I am hopeful that I can add an espresso cup or two to the collection if the rumours are true.

With the Tour of Britain coming to a town near you in the next day or so I implore you to visit the site, find a café close to you that you have never been to, and include it on your ride! If there are no cafés near you in the review section then get on your bike ride to your favourite Café, come back and write one!

Look at Patisserie Cyclisme as a shared resource, if we play the game and add as many café reviews as we use, it could well become the Sheldon Brown of cake! Just a bit better looking! (Google Sheldon if required!)

What’s in the Stand: Nothing off to Tuscany for a few days riding tomorrow and a café stop or two! 


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