Rapha Bidon Review

Not so long ago I was wandering through London with a couple of hours to spare and decided to vist my favourite bike shop  the legendary Condor Cycles. Read the post on my Condor Acciaio here. Now I never manage to leave the shop without buying something and that day was no exception, so after a good look around I walked out after buying a Rapha Bidon


Rapha BidonThe Rapha bidon is branded as Rapha but is actually a 21oz Camelbak podium. This is the bottle used by Garmin Sharp but ironically not used by Team Sky who are sponsored by Rapha.

And to quote Camelbak themselves you get all this:

“The CamelBak® Podium® Bottle incorporates Jet Valve™, a revolutionary self-sealing valve into a taste-free bottle with a high flow rate.”

So is it any good? Well it is a bit too nice to be sticking on the bike in such inclement weather so it became my go to bottle for the office. Once I got over the bike tart comments made by fellow cyclists in the office I started to use it. The first thing to say is that the nozzle (or jet valve) as CamelBak like to call it works very nicely. There is a chunky and affective lever below it to lock off the water supply and you can certainly get a good glug from it. The Rapha Bidon is nice to hold and comes with some interesting decals reminding you of Jean Robic’s antics of placing lead into his bidons at the top of summits to help his descending.


The true test of a bidon is whether it leaks, and sadly this is where the Rapha Bidon lets the owner down. On numerous occasions now the seal around the lid has failed resulting in a wet shirt. Not ideal. I have spoken to other CamelBak podium owners about this and they swear there bidons do not leak. So maybe user error?


Based on this I am going to give the Rapha Bidon a 6/10. Losing a mark for price at £10 but mainly for leaking.

Whats in the stand: The Yeti 575 is seeing it’s winter overhaul with new bearing for it’s rear Hope Hoop being order of the day.

Coming Soon: A fantastic chat with the guys at Pro Bike Kit has seen a Castelli Gilet come my way.  All I need to do is abandon the family and get out on that bike so I can write a review!


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