Retro Peugeot Road Bike

Last year I was fortunate enough to pick up a whole box of bike bits and an old Peugeot road frame from a mate. He had a three line whip to take all that junk to the tip. Luckily I have a little more space in the garage so I inherited it. Closer inspection indicated I was half a dozen bits short of a build and so the Idea was planted.  A whole year later I finally started the build. On first inspection a set of tyres and inner tubes were needed. Some cabling would also have to be found. Hubs and Bottom Bracket needed at least a grease, if not a replacement and while not fiddling with it there was the problem of identifying it’s model as the only missing original decal was the model. At the time of writing the wheels have been serviced, tyres scrounged, and inner tubes bought and frame cleaned. Now to the tricky bits. A seatpost that to be honest I am struggling with. A bottom bracket with play in it. and the joy of working out how downtube levers work. I will keep you posted.

Whats in the stand: The Peugeot of course


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