Specialized Purgatory Review

Winter is here and in the UK it has brought a deluge of rain. To be honest the trails a filthy and with slippy roots and mud clagging every part of your bike a winter tyre is needed. I normally run a Panaracer XC Pro but tyres have moved on and after speaking to my local bike shop I decided to try a Specialized Purgatory Conrol 2Bliss (specialized code for tubeless!). I wanted an all round tyre capable of dealing with the mud and slipperiness of a british winter but also a tyre that was not too draggy in the dry.

Specialized PurgatoryInstalling the Specialized Purgatory was reasonably straight forward. The 2.3 width means you need a pump with a lot of volume to get the initial seal. Once installed though the tyre has remained inflated only requiring a pre ride top up of air.

Mud clearance can be a problem in muddy conditions and the Specialized Purgatory does a good job of clearing it’s self due to a decent spacing between the tread. This usually reduces the tyre rolling resistance but in the case of the Specialized Purgatory this did not seam to pose a problem and the tyre rolls nicely on the road as well as dry trails. One criteria I had when changing tyre was how it handles roots. Previous tyres have washed out on the front when the trail gets wet and rooty. No such problem for the Specialized purgatory which gives confidence in wet conditions where with other tyres you may have taken things with caution. I think this is an important aspect of a tyre. No confidence in the front end of your bike makes you think, and in my book thinking is bad as once you start thinking about how you will corner you tend to tense and change your body position which only makes the problem worse.

At £30 I think this is a fantastic winter tyre. Time will tell as to whether it is any good in the dry but I will report back when the great British summer arrives.

What’s in the stand: The Yeti receiving some brake love after destroying a set of pads testing the Specialized Purgatory

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