Yeti AS-Rc the new XC Bike

Yeti AS-Rc

With Eurobike 2014 upon us the major bike vendors are starting to reveal their 2015 bikes and whilst I do not normally pass comment on such industry developments the Yeti AS-Rc tickled my curiosity.

Yeti Fans

Yeti As RcI have to confess to being a bit of a Yetiphile (Is that a word Ed.?) from the posters on my wall as an average junior racer in the 90s to finally owning a Yeti 575 in my later years I have always loved the brand. The problem I faced was in recent years they did not really do a bike for me, I wanted an XC bike, I live in deepest darkest Surrey so an AM machine is overkill but hey the trail centres are just down the motorway so when I do get a chance I want to be able to ride full suspension.

The differentiator

This is what makes the Yeti AS-Rc so interesting, what about a full suspension XC offering from a brand I love? Time will tell, but on paper the Yeti AS-Rc looks like an ideal fit. Light enough to ride / race XC at 4.2lbs for the frame but burley enough for when you escape the shire and take it to some proper terrain.


There is a fly in the ointment though. With a Yeti spec’d Sram X0 build kit coming in at just over £5000 it is way out of my price range, so for the moment I shall stare from afar and await the feedback of others.

Thank you for re entering the XC scene Yeti

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